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According to him, his mother was a neat freak who locked the children outside while she cleaned the house. His father suffered from schizophrenia and eventually divorced from his wife in But she never arrived there or to meet with her friends, in fact, Amy had completely vanished without a trace. But when entire families disappear, it moves the sinister level to a higher degree.

The cases on this list are frightening to say the least. Days before they disappeared, the family from Nannup, Western Australia called their real estate agent and told him they were leaving their home and that he could have their furniture. And they are intent in making you notice them. There are hundreds of stalkers out there and the ones on this list not only harassed their victims, but took it a step further. These are the Top 5 Most Terrifying Stalkers. The Kuykendall Family It started with a text message.

It was when year old, Courtney Kuykendall of Fircrest, Washington said her phone started sending text messages to her friends without her doing anything. Because of this, the family moved a lot before settling in Sunnyvale, California. After graduating high school, Farley joined the United States Navy, staying there for 10 years. After he left, he began working at ESL Inc. As a young child, Ming had issues. He was violent, started fires in three apartments and threw rocks at vehicles.

His mother said he was uncontrollable and that they lived in fear of him because he never felt remorse for what he did. The victim of this scheme and also the eventual stalker in this story is Michigan resident, Brian Hile.

Lisa Lambert In , Lisa Lambert from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, shocked everyone when she obsessively stalked her high school classmate, year old, Laurie Show. For a short time, Laurie and Lisa Lambert were friends. From UFOs to serial killers, ancient sites, mysterious creatures, and even ghosts — these are the strange and Scary Mysteries of the month for August Asteroid Barely Misses Earth April 15, , could have caused mankinds extinction. The asteroid that nearly hit Earth on that day was six times larger than the meteor that exploded above Russia in Larry was years old at the time and working at No Frills Supermarket during the time he disappeared.

The first outbreak showed some success in reduction when a new vaccine was introduced. But the disease has made a comeback and now controlling it has become harder. This is especially true now since the hardest-hit areas are located inside a warzone.

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As he entered, he was shot five times, killing him instantly. According to his wife, Norma, she was arriving home with her child and found their front door locked. When she looked through the window, she saw guns and called the police. Highway Killings in Canada They were initially thought of as victims.

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Canadian teens, Kam McLeod 19 and Bryer Schmegelsky 18 were first reported missing and even as possible victims of a serial killer stalking the Canadian highways. October 15, It was A. The dispatcher tells officers that they received a distressing call from from the residence at U. All they could hear was yelling and screaming before the line got cut off. Dispatchers tried calling back but only got the voice mail.

Local deputies then arrived and Immediately, they could see something was wrong.

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The front door was kicked in. They stepped inside and close to the front door, was the body of year old, James Closs. They walk inside further to find another body, that of year old, Denise Closs. The two were husband and wife who had been working at a local turkey processing plant called Jennie-O for decades. Police also found the family dog, Molly but She was left unharmed. Local police believe she was at home at the time and they feared she may have been taken.

They then begin to piece together what exactly happened that night. But certain places easily stand out when ghosts are mentioned.

The five locations on this list are considered so sinister and malevolent, anyone interested in ghosts would love to visti them. Moundsville Penitentiary Located in Moundsville, West Virginia, the Penitentiary here first opened its doors to inmates in During the time, only a temporary wooden facility was in place as construction continued until the main stone buildings were completed 10 years later.

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  7. Winchester Mystery House After the heir to the Winchester rifle, William Winchester died from tuberculosis, he left behind a fortune to his wife, Sarah. Over time, ownership of the hotel transferred from one hotel group to another. Many of the parts were imported from an actual year old English Castle. The stained-glass panels are also old, dating back to the while the crystal windows were also crafted in England. When it was finally finished in , the structure had 54 rooms, 28 bedrooms and 22 baths and dubbed as the only authentic English Tudor Castle found in the United States.

    Scary Mysteries Twisted Twos: Mary Jane Barker and Anders Hansson Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two's dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look. For this week, we focus on the strange case of a missing child from New Jersey and a terrifying Swedish serial killer.. The young girl was last seen playing with a 4-month old Spaniel puppy at about AM that day. She was on her way to meet her neighbor and friend, 6-year old Maria Freitta, who also happened to be the owner of the puppy.

    A while later when her parents started looking for her, Mary Jane was no where to be found.

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    She was reported missing to the police by PM and immediatley Many people feared that she might have been kidnapped. His job was to provide assistance to the long-term care patients and elderly patients there. But instead of helping, Anders would often murder them. But at their worst, they can be the bearer of doom, violence and death.

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    The cases on this list pits humans against one another all in the name of sciene and cruelty. Artificial Blood Transfusions Artificial blood, at first glance seems like a good idea. For One, it has no expiration date and can be kept for a long time without spoiling unlike human blood. Third, it can be used by any person of any blood type, 4. Milgram Experiment 3. Lauretta Bender, a once respected child neuropsychiatrist, from Bellevue Hospital did between and The testing in Holmesburg first came to light in an expose published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on January 11, , decades after the experiments were conducted.

    This report detailed Dioxin Testing done on several sets of prisoners. Unit World War II was a brutal time. It revealed how far mankind would stoop to crush down their viewed enemies. One of the major players in the war, and among the most brutal, was the Imperial Japanese Army.

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    Scary Mysteries Twisted Twos: Roy Roberts and Forest Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two's dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look. For this week, we focus on the strange case of a man named Roy Roberts and a mysterious and haunted forest in Romania. Roy Roberts was a man with a checkered past.

    When he was younger, he became a prime suspect in a restaurant robbery which landed him in jail. Later on tho, the actual suspect confessed to the crime and said that he worked alone. But in July of , while Roberts was still serving prison time at the Moberly Correctional Center in Randolph County, Missouri, a prison riot broke out.

    These are 5 Unexplained and Creepy Phenomena. The store opened up in and since then, workers, visitors and psychics claim its aisles are haunted by a ghost who died on the property during the s. Records show that in , the land was owned by a prominent man named, Martin Murphy. A judge and entrepreneur, Murphy was an influential figure who threw large parties that had hundreds of people in attendance. His property not only included his farmhouse but also a wheat field and large orchard.

    The smallest measure 5-feet in diameter but once you head North, towards Angola, they become larger. In fact, a single circle can be as wide as feet in diameter. But apparently proof of the creature might have been around for longer than that. The first reports of star jelly were recorded in the 14th century by a man named, Josh Gaddesden.

    He believed this mysterious substance could be used to treat abscesses. As they stand there in the dark, by the river, they patiently wait and anticipate the spectacle everyone is talking about — the Naga Fireballs.