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This bitch can wear a dress. The purpose of the cocktail party is to finally let these relationships progress. Hannah, who definitely could have played this moment better, tells Garrett to step the fuck off and let her conversations with Luke be her conversations. But instead, she tells Garrett, oh yeah, he mentioned Devin and Dylan, two men who have gotten exactly zero screen time, and Mike. Again, instead of confronting Luke one-on-one or just holding that information for himself, Garrett blabs to the whole group.

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Does it matter? You know what he probably said. But I guess you gotta get your screen time, Dylvin. She tells everyone to stay in their lane. The delight of this episode stems from just how bad Luke P. Instead of actually developing a moral compass or learning how to express human feelings, Luke P.

He contains multitudes. The problem is all those multitudes are shitty. And she does no more critical thinking about that point.

Petty fights! Petty arguments!

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He also tells her that the reason these guys are acting so frustratingly is because they love her so much. Oh no. Oh no no no.

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Kevin, Devin, and Grant go home and I had no idea who Grant was. Kevin is the one who looks like a video game Russian. The next day, they all head to Riga, Latvia, and Peter delivers the very natural fact that Latvia is south of Estonia. No dates in Latvia. No going to a market and getting advice from a year-old married couple. No fireworks over the Baltic Sea. Just hours of clip show that confirms that Luke will continue to be a problem.

I have one suggestion for her: SEND. Already a subscriber? Well, now we probably know why. The supertease features a nauseating glimpse of Luke P. I mean…. Are you as depressed as I am that we apparently have to live with Luke P. Post your thoughts below! The Bachelorette recap: 'Every week has been ridiculous'. FB Twitter ellipsis More.

Image zoom. The Bachelorette. S15 E6. TV Show. Chris Harrison hosts the romantic reality competition series in which one single woman searches for her future husband amid a sea of studs.

Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Straddle Time

Will you accept this rose? Episode Recaps Previous. S15 E12 Recap. The Bachelorette season finale recap: 'That's not what I said yes to'. By Kristen Baldwin.

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The Christians Criticizing And Standing With Bachelorette Hannah Brown After ‘Men Tell All’

The Bachelorette hometown dates recap: 'Do you say that to all of them? S15 E8 Recap. S15 E7 Recap. S15 E6 Recap. S15 E4 Recap. The Bachelorette recap: Body slam of evidence.

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