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Explain the impact on duty cycle?

Most frequently asked VLSI interview questions answered

What is the main objective of timing closure? What is delay cycle distortion and how to fix them? What are the inputs required for generating SPEF? What are virtual clocks and why they are used? What is On Chip Variation What is metastability?

Timing Interview Questions

Define Latency? What are the different types?

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What is Clock Skew? Explain Positive Skew and Negative Skew? What is the difference between normal buffer and clock buffer?


How the Jitter will effect on setup and hold analysis? What are the inputs required to run STA? What is the difference between crosstalk and without crosstalk based STA analysis? What are the files required for crosstalk based STA analysis?

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Is clock uncertainty reduced after clock tree synthesis? X's in RTL simulation can be optimistic or pessimistic. The best way to verify that the design does not have any unintended dependence on initial conditions is to run gate level simulation. It's a nice "warm fuzzy" that the design has been implemented correctly.

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Do you still see a reason behind GLS.? Share this link with a friend: Copied! Other Related Materials pages. I am only missing one thing in this blog, though.

Lec-33 static timing

Giving an STA example from the point of view of one interface. I find extremely annoying the way timing diagrams are explained in datasheets, and how to match the different specs given there to the concepts Ts and Th basically you have introduced in the blog.

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    Thanks for the knowledge sharing. Really very good explanation, I always refer this for clarifying my doubts about timing analysis.. Chapter 1: Introduction 1.

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    How to solve Setup and Hold Violation Advance examples 2. How to solve Setup and Hold Violation more advance examples 2.