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She will share the unusual journey that has brought her to this unique career and tell stories about some of the difficult choices she has made along the way.

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Their work will be on display in the Atrium Gallery. Cynthia Bringle. A pre-eminent potter and legendary teacher, Cynthia Bringle is also a painter and printmaker living in Penland, NC.

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She earned an M. With her twin sister, she owns a gallery that sells her pottery. She has taught many workshops nationwide and at Penland School of Crafts. Michael Sherrill.

He received a visual arts fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council in His work is in several major collections and the Mint Museum of Art. Ron Meyers. Recent paintings by Linda Anderson reveal how her bucolic scenes have matured and become more refined. In an on-going partnership between The Bascom and Highlands School, the Highlands High School Ceramics Class, taught in the Studio Barn during spring semester, will display their best work, based on traditional and contemporary approaches to making and finishing ceramic works of art. In support of the art specialists and their art education programs, The Bascom is proud to showcase the talents and creative spirit of developing artists who attend public schools located on the mountain plateau: Blue Ridge School, Highlands School and Summit Charter School.

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A sampling of talent from dedicated artists who share their gift through teaching. At the heart of The Bascom's education programs are the instructors who work with us through the year. These instructors hold the distinction of being experienced professional artists and skilled educators.

Here at The Bascom, we live amongst nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. In honor of these artists; and the non-profit organizations that support them, we are proud to offer our visitors a glimpse of the talent that lies in our own backyard! Every year, we select a graduate student from Western North Carolina University to install his or her thesis exhibition at The Bascom. Frank Vickery, the honoree this year, is no stranger to us. He has been with our institution as an intern and is currently The Bascom's Ceramics Program Manager.

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Frank has been selected for the quality of his work, his dedication to the field of ceramics and his enthusiastic ability to share his talent with others. Join us in celebrating the fascinating world of our feathered friends. This exceptional collection of avian themed art showcases artists at their finest observing and creating images of the world around us through the eyes of scientists, environmentalists and conservators.

A true celebration of the freedom of flight. The Bascom is proud to offer the annual Art Exhibition in recognition of the creative spirit in children and youth, and the educational and artistic advancement of talented young people. The exhibition is a collaborative project with all schools, both public and private, located on our mountain plateau. Our purpose is to provide all budding young artists with opportunities to showcase their talent, through the experience of sharing their works of art in a non-competitive environment.

The exhibition is a valuable incentive for our young people: it encourages an appreciation for the arts, reflects the fine quality of art instruction and talent which exist in our community and serves as a vehicle through which schools and students are brought together. My own Ometti have a human quality with a large but unimposing stature, a defined head and broad shoulders The pots in the exhibition originate from the tradition of salt-glazed stoneware grave markers that were made in abundance in the counties of the eastern Piedmont of North Carolina This project is my first step out of the comfort and familiarity of utility and defined function.

But like all of my work, the Ometto project remains an exercise in repetition, refinement, and restraint. The Ometti will convene on the front lawn of The Bascom, holding vigil for a few months, before being marshaled into the world to take up their posts. A celebration of the 50th anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement and environmentally friendly art. Tracy Kirchmann, glass artist, aided in the establishment of a glass studio, which is powered by methane from a landfill, at the Jackson County Green Energy Park in Dillsboro, NC.

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The students of the Little Black Pearl program represent the first glass studio on the south side of Chicago and through the lineage of Tracy, the students participating in this program are directly connected to Harvey Littleton, founder of Americas studio glass movement. Tracy and her students will be creating works of art from recycled glass wine bottles for this exhibition. Explore with the students as they demonstrate their proficiency in pottery making and understanding of the science that makes it happen.

Student work and an explanation of clay bodies, firing and glazing will be on view. This large-scale kinetic sculpture of suspended ceramic discs that are mounted and hung from the ceiling provides gentle, undulating, invisible waves. This movement in the room provides a tangible experience with the art installation as opposed to just viewing a single work of art. The specific source of light, the background it is held in, and the magnitude of the art, creates an environment that is unlike any other. An exciting nontraditional exhibition, provides elements inclusive of the experience that the artist can use to invite the viewer in and this artist includes the viewer as writer and image maker.

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These monumental paintings depicting rural Southern life are combinations of both real and imagined people, places and events. Ethnographer, as well as artist , Rosenbaum brings storytelling to the viewer in the form of folktale paintings full of vibrant, sweeping color.

A toast to friends, family and community! Internationally recognized sculptor Patrick Dougherty constructed a monumental site-specific work using saplings as his construction material. Visitors were invited to stop by the campus to watch the creative process as Dougherty combined primitive construction techniques with his love of nature to build a one-of-a-kind sculpture on The Bascom campus. This sculpture installation is generously sponsored by Mary Ann and Knox Massey, with exclusive media partner Our State magazine. Recent photographic works by photographer Greg Newington.

Works included will be from his recent Aussie tour, down under and images from out back on our mountain plateau. Newington is an internationally known photo journalist who has worked around the world in the newspaper and publishing industry winning multiple awards for his captivating images. This initiative is to show our support for the work of individual artists and arts organizations in the region surrounding our mountain plateau.

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Plan to join us as we celebrate this inspiring endeavor and the art and artists who enrich our community. The gift of creating works of art, sharing and mentoring are the common threads amongst these artists. Get a preview of works by these nationally acclaimed artists who will be teaching at The Bascom this summer. Still life derives from the Dutch word stilleven , coined in the 17th century when paintings of objects enjoyed immense popularity throughout Europe.

This exhibition explores the historical precedent and the evolution of the practice in the work of portraying inanimate objects and presents some of the innovative ways artists today are exploring this traditional genre. As a young man, Ritter was involved in the growth of the American studio glass movement and studied with many of the early artists leading the way.

Today, he continues to inspire and influence as an artist and teacher. This exhibition, traveling to Highlands, will include current and retrospective works by Ritter beginning in the s. He has been a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship grant and his work has been included in multiple exhibitions of prestigious art centers and museums. The gift of creating works of art and teaching are the common threads amongst these artists. Handcrafted paper sculpture by Charleston based artist Jocelyn Chateauvert.

A recent research project, awarded through the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, sent Chateauvert to Guyana, South America to study and document the sculptural qualities of the diverse and stunning plant species of this sparsely populated Amazon rainforest.

Chateauvert is the first artist in a craft media to be granted the award and the first to study in Guyana. Three dimensional compositions in paper inspired by this research will fill the gallery. This renowned artist has been included in exhibitions internationally and nationwide including the Smithsonian American Art Museum in D. Sponsored by Frances Bunzl. Frank Stella b. He is a painter, printer, printmaker and sculptor whose work follows an evolutionary path from a minimalist geometric style to a more dynamic expressionism. Monumental printmaking, mixed media and sculptural works will be displayed with a catalog including essays by Dr.

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Each year The Bascom showcases the artistic talent of member artists to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work done by artists who also support our mission through membership. This year's challenge is to create a work of art inspired by a journey, imaginary or real! Join us in celebrating the artistic talents of our members. No computer wizardry here. This exhibition of metal sculpture on the terrace and grounds of The Bascom is about retro-technology to stimulate an understanding and appreciation of humor and motion.

Objects can be interpreted on both the objective and subjective levels and may be about pure invention and the joyfulness in the heart of its creator. Sponsored by Betsy and Wright Turner. An extraordinary selection of artworks celebrating repetition and motion in common, everyday tools and hardware.