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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. And when it comes to getting turned on and orgasming , our brains deserve more credit than they often get. For couples in long-term relationships , sharing sexual fantasies with one another can renew excitement , writes certified sex therapist Marty Klein in an article about erotic role-playing. While some fantasies — such as having sex in a romantic or unexpected location — are fairly common , others are completely random or personal.

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Ah, summer. It's been a minute since you brought someone back to your place to hook up. You dust off your stash of condoms in your beside table and realize that the. She rolls over onto her back again, still looking into my eyes as she slides her hand down her stomach and slowly down to her pussy and starts to rub it again. The lust in her eyes had me trembling from within myself. Hell, she had exactly where she wanted me and she knew it. My focus compromised by the breathtaking sight of her playing with herself and the little moans that she was making as her fingers worked on her pussy.

In truth, I would agree to anything from this gorgeous woman. My self control completely out the window.

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I got up off the bed and pulled out my goodies bag from the closet and unpacked everything I had in my inventory of bondage gear and lay everything out on the bed next to her. High quality pairs of locking leather wrist and ankle shackles.

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A couple of ball gags, one medium and the other large. Long, short and medium lengths of high grade steel chains,. A container with a lot of padlocks and keys.

OWNING REGINA - Lesbian Romance (preview part 1) BDSM - Bondage - Fetish Relationship

Standard police handcuffs. Leather locking head hood. Butt plugs. Nipple clamps. Soft and heavy flogger type whips. Mixed lengths of ropes. I was so turned on by the fact that this was going to happen, I expected that we would gain a little trust and time together before going to this level, but my bodies willingness to just jump straight in got the better of me.

Just me and her. The sound of chains rattling does something to me, and she noticed it.

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My reaction to the sounds of clanging chains causes me to take in a very deep breath while my eyes close for a moment, then letting out that breath with a small pleasureful moan as my eyes open. I wanted this. I needed this. I needed her. I would have agreed to be her bondage slave forever the way she looked playing with my gear as she lay there naked. The obvious excitement I was feeling showed in my reaction and her approval was cheerful, yet with a hint of deviousness to it. We packed the strongest shackles, all the chains, all the locks which we placed the keys onto a key-ring for easy use.

The spare keys all went on a separate key-ring as a backup set. The whips, butt plugs, leather head hood, lube, ball gags, and the container full of heavy duty padlocks went in the backpack. Her voice soft and sensual and her body language incredibly sexual, teasing me by kissing my neck and rubbing her naked body against mine as she reaches around to grab my ass and squeeze it. Me doing the same to her. Her ass cheeks filled my cupped hand and I never wanted to let them go, so soft and tight and wow.

My mind weak and clouded by her beauty. She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed for a moment before getting dressed. Amanda now dressed in a very short mini-skirt and a tight fit crop top style shirt. The sexiest pair of panties underneath her skirt had a slight dampness to it. My voice trembling slightly, revealing how nervous I am yet my excitement growing wild inside of me. Butterflies tingled lightly in my stomach. Nervous about this adventure but the thought of having this gorgeous woman chain me up naked somewhere was fueling my lust for her more and more.

She leans forward and kisses me for a few moments. One of her hands pulling my head towards hers.

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  4. The passion in her kiss is sensational as our tongues swirl together in an exotic dance. The feelings of pure passion and lust run through my body as I look into her deep blue eyes. We head out the front door and I locked up the house. Jumping into the car, she suggested I give her the spare set of keys to all the locks and she will put them in the glove box for safe keeping as a backup just in case. I took them out and handed them to her and she placed them in her glove box along with the handcuffs and blindfold.

    I giggle at her comment and we both just start laughing followed by more discussion about kidnapping scenarios we could one day act out. We arrive at the supermarket and she asks me if there is anything I would like and to wait in the car for her. I just wanted some water and I gave her some money to pay for whatever she gets and she headed in.

    The Trap by Andrew Troy Keller

    Sitting in the car waiting, I was deep in thought, imagining where we will go, what will happen and the feelings dwelling inside me were intense. She finally came back out after about 20 minutes.

    I wondered why she took so long to grab a couple of items but opted to say nothing and just brush it off. She placed the items into the back seat and drove us just up the next block where there is a small park and pulled over to make me put the blindfold on. I secure the blindfold and she inspects it checking I did it properly and cant peek. She then releases my seat belt and puts the handcuffs on me.

    She grabs my seat belt and passes it over my arms and locks it in, lightly pinning my arms to my body. Obviously I can maneuver them out if I put a little effort into it but she tells me to keep them there. We must have been driving about minutes, definitively out of town and on an open road in the country by the speed and the fact there was not any stops after the first 4 minutes.

    There were only a couple of spots along the way where she slowed down to turn off somewhere. The car slows down again, and I feel it turning off only this time there's no speed up, just slowly moving no more than about 10kph. My mind races, thinking this could be it. Right I was as the car comes to a stop and she turns off the engine.

    My car door opens and she leans in and takes off my seat belt.

    She takes my cuffed hands and helps me out of the car. She walks me for a minute before telling me to stop.

    Betrayal: A Bondage Trap

    I have no idea where I am or whats around me, only my heightened sense of sound. Birds chirping, other than that, silent. Feeling my cock growing inside my pants. My arousal is overwhelming. I lift my arms and she slides my shirt up and over my head, removing it from my body. My breathing starts to accelerate faster and deeper and that tingly feeling of butterflies in the stomach returns.

    She removes the shoe and the sock. I raise my left foot and she removes the shoe and sock. I hear her rummaging around for a moment then I feel her fingers unfastening my belt. The sensations I feel are exciting my body, trembling the slightest bit as I stand there and she loosens the belt and unbuttons my jeans.

    I did know what to do. I lifted one leg at a time as she removed my pants from my body, leaving me standing there wearing nothing but my g-string and a blindfold. Following her lead, I let her guide me onto the bench. I gear her rummaging for a moment until the unmistakable sound of chains clanging echoes around me. She takes my handcuffed hands and attaches a length of chain to the center with a padlock and loops the chain around one of the planks on the back of the bench and padlocks it in place. I respond with total submission to this beautiful woman with a nod of my head.