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Four large demi-fichus of embroidered Organdy at 27 Hvres A skirt of very fine open-work embroidered Indian muslin, containing. One piece of wide white ribbon One piece of narrow ditto One white favour One short cambric cloak trimmed with stitched bands. August 29, One shape for a Malines bonnet, lined with lawn Shape and trimming of a September 13, Shape and trimming for a September 20, bonnet with lawn fichu Shape and trimming for September 30, :. Pompey, milliner the name as Lompey. Rose not the only milliner who was.

The Revolutionary Government could be advised of all the Queen's expenses up to August 10, , the last unpaid bills of the two last years of Louis XYI. But there was no question of a suit against the Queen when the dressmaker was in Paris in December, , and January ; she could not, therefore, have burnt the books with her own hands the process, as she. As the fatal car passed along the Rue SaintHonore the ex-Queen could see only strange faces Perhaps at the window of Rose Bertin's old house.

Those who were not dead or who had not emigrated there, in cardboard boxes burrowed underground ;.

Thus on February 13, , she remitted from London the sum of 9, livres, and on May 23 of same year 20, But before going to Russia, Rose Bertin had written letter upon letter to explain to her customers the position to which she had been brought by political. Veuve Lelen et Cie. The archives of the Seine tell us the result of this information, supplied by the Comity de Surete Gdnerale. The Revolutionary Tribunal had turned its bloodIt might still relentlessly stained hand upon itself pursue. Since that time she has continued to send remittances to her establishment in Paris,.

Three receipts for State lands A receipt from a mason of Epinay for the boundaries of State lands. September 27, , founded on Article 6 of the law of April 8, relating to merchants, ordered the removal of the sequestration. Momoro, enemy of the Republic, and opposed to all advantages which commerce would bring to it, made a statement to the department by conspirator. The Agent National having considered the above The department, considering that the above docu-.

Laurent and Marion, debtors of Citizeness Bertin in respect of rents, in accordance with the receipts issued. Nevertheless her position was far from brilliant, and Martincourt, indefatigable in his endeavours to recover. This must be taken into account in considering the formidable sums entered in account-books of the time. Such was the position of trade when the former dressmaker to the Queen was about to return to her Parisian regret. Under those circumstances it was not surprising Immediately that Rose Bertin had delayed payment.

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Her one consolation was her miniature Trianon that. She spoke a good deal about her position and the precarious state of trade, a discreet hint as to the. Berard of the Rhone moved the Council of the Five Hundred to send a message to the Directoire on the subject. The antagonism between patriots opponents was no doubt the cause of it.

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The police inquiry cleared up the mystery, and on the morrow the Ami des Lois published the following report. Montmartre and of the Rue de Richelieu, where he founded Frascati, an establishment which immediately. Rose Bertin sold to Mme. Nevertheless she had not lost her reputation across the frontiers, and even supplied various merchants. The delay was probably intentional. It is. The letter was dated from St. Petersburg war was ;. Some of the more enterprising, however, spent their time in.

Empire, when one's name was Rose Bertin, in proclaiming oneself a Royalist, and the plots which she. On the contrary, she sought whenand friends to. Marie-Antoinette upon chiffons and finery, was at the time about sixty years of age. Although during the Revolution she had acquired Church property, having bought lands belonging Mathurins. The good taste and talents of this ingenious dressmaker have been celebrated in verse by our poet Her whole. The latter place is not so far distant from Epinay as to prevent his occasionally calling there.


Whatever duties attached,. Bertin," says the notice,. France to bow to the frivolous yoke of fashion, a fashion of which she was the ingenious and lavish. Charlemagne Bertin, assisted by the advice of the lawyer Petit d'Auterive, took upon himself most of the business connected with the estate. In Charlemagne Bertin wrote to M. Lefebvre, Justice of the Peace for Abbeville, with respect to.

Bertin was dowered with a rare mind and talents out of the. Bertin being in exile rendered the greatest service to the emigres with her money, her.

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According to the story told by contemporaries of Mile. Bertin, her heirs should not. The last letter received from Her Highness the Dauphine is dated December 6, , and is as follows: ". They declared in particular that among the sums owing by the Royal Family was a bill for 3, livres, for articles supplied to the Comte d'Artois, afterwards King of France.

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The events of interrupted Grangeret's efforts. The Minister of the King's Household had not, it is true, shown any anxiety to satisfy the claims of Mile. The Comtesse, formerly Lady - in - Waiting to the Princesse de papers, and. Bertin's family rejected them in a letter published by a literary paper called.

Pagelle of the Trait Gallant Forgel, and giving the date of Mile. Bertin's birth as the year , whereas. Rose enjoyed the Queen's confidence. It is rare that Sovereigns, especially those lost their crowns, possess true friends. Queen who loved Rose; the Duchess d'Orleans, whose name is linked with all that is good and honourable, also.

The writer who speaks so feelingly of the modiste's good qualities could scarcely be a stranger to her. Bertin," when she was no longer there to forbid or to. Louandre shows that his suspicions are aroused, because, as he points out,. Bossange's letter, knows, however, that the authenticity of the. The memoirs are apocryphal, but Rose had seen enough to have written them.

Her role was not without importance she was too near to the Queen ;. Beaulard, 43 Belle Poule, dress a la, Bertin, Rose, birth of, 11 Brittany, journey to, Directoire, petition to, ; fashion supplier to ;. Queen, Germany, journey to, heirs, influence, 25, 51 London, shop in, memoirs, portrait, parents, 13 by Jainnet, Russia, business in, St. Petersburg, dresses sent, Spanish Court, suppliers, train carried, Bertonienne, hat a la, Bochart de Saron, Bonnets a la bonne maman, 46 a la.