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From our beginnings as a Specialist Driving Agency, we have developed into new sectors of recruitment. Our experienced team of consultants will talk you through your options with regard to work, jumping out of one permanent position into another may not always be the right move. Changes in circumstance may lead to work becoming less or more of a priority, and Jobsworth are on hand to explain the merits of temporary, contract, and permanent roles in many different sectors.

With more emphasis these days being put upon a work life balance, and employers starting to benefit from a more flexible approach to recruitment, it is essential that candidates get to see the whole spectrum of roles they can attain. Jobsworth offer this, because we understand the changes in the jobs market, let us make your next move the right one.

The good news is that they are really easy to distract. They like small repeatable logical tasks and seems to think they are really important. But eventually you realise there is a world of stuff going on. Basically, everything. Maybe they finish it, or it becomes too easy, or too difficult. Their jobsworth with the clipboard has caught up with their techniques and taken over again. The good news though is that there is no end of different techniques and exercises to get through this. They all help to make great scenes and stories, and they all can help distract the man or woman with the clipboard.

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My own person man with a clipboard story was before I got into impro. So for seven hours a day seven days a week my man with a clipboard was completely engrossed in learning about windsurfing, and making me climb back on and pull the sail out the water every time I fell off. Oh fuck. Repeat ad infinitum. The revenue offices never stop complaining that their staff are overworked and their departments underfunded.

Unless something is done to alleviate the crisis, they insist, the entire tax system could break down.

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Do not be fooled by the conciliatory tone of a bureaucrat. The Twitmarsh is at his most dangerous when using bland officialese. Study the following guide to official jargon:. They look for someone to take out their frustrations upon, and the most convenient victim is invariably a motorist. Drunken, incompetent and reckless drivers deserve no sympathy.

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When he pulls you over, he will adopt one of two personae: Good Twitmarsh and Bad Twitmarsh. GT is affable, charming, even apologetic.

Been drinking, have you? Martinis, was it? In both cases, the end result is the same — a fine and the risk of losing your licence. About traffic wardens I will not write here, in view of the laws regulating the use of obscene language.

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A good opening gambit is to write to the planning officer, putting forward some constructive comments about the local one-way system. Make them just sane enough to be taken seriously. You will probably get a rational reply, and before Twitmarsh knows it he will be embroiled in a long and quite futile correspondence. You could suggest, for instance, an elaborate underpass below a level crossing, and a flyover to replace the mini roundabout.

Extra marks if you can induce the planning department to enter into a discussion on the feasibility of introducing trams into a pedestrianised area. Or a monorail. Planners can never see the farcical element in monorails. When the correspondence is well under way, leak it to the local paper.

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Use an assumed name, such as Mrs U. Nothing is more calculated to make a pompous Twitmarsh grind his teeth in rage.

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  4. Stock phrases, all of which I have tried with degrees of success, when confronted by a missionary from some sect or other on my doorstep:. I have a sacrifice to perform. Good afternoon. A very probable convert, I should say. You must visit him. He lives at 52 Mulberry St… and then name some town at least six miles away.

    How to drive jobsworths potty! Share this article Share. Stamp away: And make sure it's in the wrong place. Confusion is the solution: An annoyed civil servant equals a job well done. Beat a bobby: The simplest way to annoy an officer. Share or comment on this article: How to drive jobsworths potty!

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