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12 Fun Cleaning Motivation Tricks to Make Your House Look Amazing

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Life and death decisions. In my case, the surface I committed to cleaning and keeping clean was our kitchen island. Focus your efforts on that one surface. Clear it off. Polish it. Treat any nicks, scratches, or stains.

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Make a point to clean it every morning and again before bed. You committed to cleaning an area, and you kept it clean on a schedule.

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Y ou deserve recognition for your effort! Rewarding yourself for positive efforts tells your brain those efforts are worth continuing. Seeing that cheery vase brimming with sunny blooms made me feel good. And feeling good made me want to keep going. Resist that temptation!

Instead, set a timer for 10 minutes and spend them cleaning in an all-out effort. Grab one of my printable cleaning checklists for, say, the bathroom or the kitchen. Feeling more confident now? Repeat that same all-out minute effort in various rooms for a few days, then start working for minutes at a time. Shame makes us close up and keep to ourselves — we stop inviting friends to visit or discussing with anyone how the mess is overwhelming us. Remember when you were a kid? Back then, validation came through gold stars, Brownie points, or praise from our parents.

As adults, we have to seek it out ourselves. Ready for more?

Cleaning When Depressed - How to Clean Your Messy House

Need checklists for the other rooms? If you need to, work in 10 and minute bursts broken up with rewards and validation. The more consistent you are about cleaning on a weekly basis, the less time it will take.

  1. When you want to clean up “the mess” in your house but don’t know where to start:;
  2. 1. Set a timer?
  3. Recognizing my clutter problem.
  4. May Common Sense Prevail.

Time yourself the first time you work in a room, then time yourself again a week later and compare your results. During my cleaning slump, I put off cleaning my bathroom because it seemed like such an enormous task. So, I timed myself.


Turns out, it only took minutes. Thank you so much for this. It helps immensely to know that — yes — there are people struggling with REAL things too. Your tips are well-written, well-thought-out, and actually help. Thank you so much. Thank you!