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I do not know! Arahant View Comment :. I was concerned.

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I only have so many tankers in my life to make fun of. Spin View Comment :. Not fun.

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Spin View Comment : I did suffer a bad case of the gout a week or two ago. I have been given much advice. Know nobody has told me?

Not even my doctor? Why are we talking about gout? Not a matter of opinion. Your doctor should be the one to tell you how to minimize attacks. Of course, I have had doctors who should have told me several things and did not. They diagnose and forget to tell you minor things. My brother is thin and exercises and still has had gout attacks. This man, a WW II combat veteran, has buried his wife, one of his sons, and all of his friends from younger days.

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He is ready to go. He wants to go. I watched my mother, age 63, die from the lethal damage of an aggressive brain tumor. Though she had been comatose for two solid weeks, when her brain could no longer fight the crushing effect of the tumor her body still fought to keep breathing in her final moments. I hate to be a buzzkill but I think it boils down to the organs critical to our survival having evolved to generally operate involuntarily.

Spin : Again: I am not considering offing myself! Willing ourselves to die is not conducive to passing on our genes at all so if any organism had that trait, they would be purged from the eternal war of the natural world very quickly. This leads to an odd sort of dualism. Not at all sure what to make of that. If you ever get close to death, please do a second post.

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I have always observed Christians being as freaked out about the the rider of the pale horse as everybody else. Cato Rand View Comment :. In some games, you can take a blow to the head and end up not being able. This will affect your gameplay options. You might not be able to solve some puzzles, read some books, or cast certain spells. The character you are playing limits your actions. There is some invisible, wall protecting you from dying that represents that your character is meant to fight the boss and save the world and not plummet to an untimely death.

Henry Castaigne View Comment :. I had a health false alarm a few years ago, and what bothered me most, aside from the fact that the end could have been really unpleasant, was that my curiosity about how some thing were going to turn out would not be satisfied. Tides go in. Tides go out? Why bother? Because they just do the moon and all that. I am afraid of it precisely because I have no clue what it will mean for me, although I suspect my problems will too be over, because I will cease to be. I have gout! Fortunately, the medcine I take works so well, I only get a tiny twinge every five years or so.

But Christ has made himself real to me. No radio. No electricity. No nothing. Soon after she arrives, her dad is gone too and Jess is left to face the wilderness alone. Can she survive? I love this b Jess is alone. I love this book! Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I had to find out what happens! I binge read the entire thing. The story is suspenseful and compelling. Jess is stronger and more capable than she believes at first.

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As she struggles to learn how to hunt and keep herself dry and warm, she comes to learn just how intelligent and resourceful she is. She not only takes care of herself and her dad's dog, Bo, but she prepares for a showdown with the people who took her father away. She knows they are coming back It's quite the showdown in the end! Great book! I have a weakness for suspense thrillers set in the wilderness. This book was just what I love! I'm definitely going to read more by this author. The story was well-written and the pacing kept the suspense going from beginning to end!

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I don't binge read books very often All opinions expressed are entirely my own. Jul 09, Kate Vocke rated it really liked it Shelves: winner-winner , arc. Every time I read a book like this I realize how very dead I would be if I ever got lost in the woods! Her mother dies in a car crash, severely injuring here and now she's got no-one. She's only 16, and is in turn, forced to go live with her estranged father who she hasn't seen in about 12 years. Dad is a homesteader, and off-the-grid, he hates the go Every time I read a book like this I realize how very dead I would be if I ever got lost in the woods!

Dad is a homesteader, and off-the-grid, he hates the government, and is living off the land. They are out in the middle of nowhere in the rough Canada wilderness, and this life she's dumped into, is a harsh shocking reality. But then something goes horribly bad. Her father is dead. And Jess is alone. Cue me freaking out! We read through journal entries Jess writes about her life with her mom - before. Her brief time with her dad - before.

And then we reach - after. Where Jess has no-one but a loyal dog-wolf hybrid, named Bo, and her own sheer willpower. Will she survive the winter in Canada? How will she eat, stay warm, and even just survive walking through the wilderness when her body is still hurting and broken.

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And who killed her father? This was an easy breezy read that had me sucked in front start to finish.

The writing is really good and I enjoyed the suspense and found myself rooting for Jess and Bo! A really good book. View all 8 comments. Jul 19, Susan's Reviews rated it really liked it. A very well written survival book.