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She does not give up on anyone or anything!

Texas-Oklahoma a bad blood border rivalry

She gave me a sense of place and importance in the family of God…she helped teach me what really matters. My Nina maternal grandmother was fearless, larger than life, loud and proud, who had a gorgeous smile and infectious laugh I am over it! My Mamaw gave me the sweet gift of quiet hospitality. What I remember most were the family dinners, how she loved my Papaw, and how she would insist when we were parting ways that we leave everything as is. She would explain that after we left and she would begin to pick up the mess, it would make her smile.

Everyone should have a Momma Cravens! She was a precious woman who blessed so many in our community in western Oklahoma. I am not related to her in any way, but she made me her family. She had lost everyone! She lost her husband, both of her children, yet she pressed on and blessed.

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She played a huge roll in my Momma marrying my Daddy. She made her wedding dress and many years later, made mine.

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I watched her reach out and bring into her home the Vietnamese refugees that had been brought into our community as a result of the Vietnam war. I remember her making all of us her family She gave me this sweet gift I remember so much laughter in her kitchen and sitting around the table after dinner was over and laughing so hard at the stories she would share What did Brenda give me? Well, I guess the best gift she gave me is Darren! He is the best gift she could have ever given me!

The Oklahoma Sooners football team has turned into the girlfriend that is fine as hell but comes with a few problems. Namely, she has a smoking problem, she farts at inopportune moments and invariably has a drinking problem. You can get past the ashtray breath lack of a consistent running game because you like to smoke a cigar from time to time and she never complains about your breath, so you keep it moving. Then you happen to have a house party and invite friends over.

Unfortunately, midway through the night, she forgot she ate too much cheese dip and lets out an egregious fart in front of all your boys. OU vs.

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Utah St. For the next week, you gotta hear about your chick passing gas that smelled like spoiled milk and act like it never happened. Finally, you have a company event and you decide to bring your woman out. At this event there just so happens to be an open bar, and your woman takes full advantage.

Texas is the team West Virginia fans love to hate. But why?

Yep, down the drains. Every loss OU suffers in the Big 12 schedule that they have no business losing. In all honesty, you may end up wifing the woman for obvious reasons. Makes good money.

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  • Oklahoma Sooners: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em, We Always Watch Them!.
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  • You just manage the damage and move on. I love Boomer Sooner, but man she can be a real piece sometimes. Currently, he serves as an associate editor for ESPN.

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    I will admit that this is one of the benefits of moving to the West Coast, brother. It would not have been pretty.

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    They seemed to be way more effective in the no huddle. Your email address will not be published.