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Though their first child is due in the coming weeks, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are preparing for another milestone moment: the creation of their new household at Buckingham Palace later this spring. Because they are moving to Windsor and growing their family, the couple decided it was time to have their own household. The move, approved by the Queen and Prince Charles, will perhaps be the biggest court shake-up in recent years.

Last week, the couple appointed a communications head, Sara Latham. She has held key roles for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and has a reputation for being connected on both sides of the pond. After meeting her, Meghan and Harry thought she was perfect for the job. The rest of their communications team will be moving out of Kensington Palace and into new offices at Buckingham Palace later this spring. According to those who work there, Kensington Palace is unique, because William and Kate run their household largely independently of the other royal households.

While the move is a major step, Harry and Meghan, who plan to be international ambassadors for the royal family and will have important roles working in the Commonwealth, will find being at the center of power—as Buckingham Palace is known in royal circles—a change from the more informal and autonomous court at Kensington. Courtiers say it is the next big step for the Sussexes, as they strike out on their own and forge increasingly separate public lives from William and Kate.

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Given the recent high turnover of staff at Kensington Palace since Meghan moved in, the selection of new staff is of the utmost importance. While some of these departures were planned, the sudden resignation of one assistant, Melissa Touabti, sparked speculation that Duchess Meghan was difficult to work with.

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    Meghan Markle's left her personal assistant in tears

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    'OK Google': Best features of Google Assistant your probably didn't know about

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    I Hire A Celebrity Personal Assistant For A Week

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