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But forgive you must—you know this—in order for you to finally let go and move forward.

I was in this very dilemma a few years ago, when my entire life had crashed down around me and I was going through some therapy to try to get my head back on straight, deal with my issues, and move forward in my life, in what I hoped would be a healthier, more productive way. For most of my issues, this was very doable. Yet, I knew I had to.

How Do I Forgive the Unforgivable?

I would never be able to move forward, to change, to grow, to build a new life, if I dragged this issue along, unable to put it in the past where it belonged. And the only way to put it in the past was to forgive those who had hurt me so badly.

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But how? I tried. I really did. Finally exasperated, I turned to the Internet. Unfortunately, I did not document, nor do I recall, where I found the following helpful approach to forgiveness.

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And in thorough online searching since, it has not re-surfaced. But it went something like this:.

1. Focus on your emotions

I believe that this, in a sense, is a way of elevating yourself to a higher level than those who have hurt you. You may have to take control of your emotions with the above ideas on several occasions during any given day, for a long time. Forgiving is a life-long commitment and some days will be harder than others. Sometimes you may feel that you are completely over it just to find that the next day something will happen to bring all the hurts to mind again.

Why Practice It?

But you can let go, and forgive, I promise you. View Your Cart 0 products.

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  8. Why Should I Forgive? How Do I Forgive? What people are saying about the seminars. Where Was God? Latest Events There are currently no events, please check back soon. For a long time though, we found it incredibly difficult and had to almost pray for him through gritted teeth.


    At these times we prayed for more grace, so that we were able to give everything to God and allow Him to be in control. Eventually, as we kept praying, God just kept pouring more grace upon us; we all were able to pray for him more sincerely.

    The Importance of Forgiveness

    At first our prayer for him was a very selfish one, we just wanted him to admit what he had done and plead guilty for the sake of all of us especially the kids. As time went on we started to pray for his relationship with God.

    Let It Go: 11 Ways to Forgive - Mindful

    We began to realise that if his relationship with God were right, things would certainly begin to turn around. Pray for the perpetrator.

    Forgiveness: Letting go of grudges and bitterness

    Make a deliberate choice not to keep going over what has happened either in your head or to everybody that you come in contact with.