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The whole Bible shows us that God is life, and He wants to be life to His people. Also, Christ said that He is the vine tree John and He is life — this shows that Christ is the tree of life. God came in Christ and was processed through incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection so that man can receive God as life and live by Him. The principle of the Christian life is not doing the right things vs not doing the wrong things but taking care of the tree of life.

The tree of life is meant to be the center of our Christian life and church life.

Genesis 2:8-9-8-9 The Message (MSG)

The Bible teaches us God as life to man. The principle of good and evil is not Christianity — it is something pagan, foreign from God. All pagan religions talk about good and evil, but Christianity teaches only life. We live, we work, and we have our being in the divine life , by enjoying Christ as the tree of life — this is the Christian life.

The Lord Jesus clearly illustrated this in the sermon on the mount Matt. The good thing is to give someone the outer garment if he asks you for it, but the way of life is to give him the undergarment also. We Christians are those who eat the tree of life, take God in as life, and live by this divine life according to its life principle. This is not a doctrine, a set of rules and precepts, but it is a life — the divine life living in man.

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The tree of life is not a banana tree or a coconut tree, something so tall and hard to reach to, but a vine tree — reachable, touchable , eatable, and available. Christ is the vine tree, giving us life whenever we turn to Him and call on Him. He is not hard to reach — He is right here inside of us whenever we call on Him! Apparently, we were intended to have the life first, so that we could grow into our ability to handle the knowledge.


But we took the knowledge first, and became intensely traumatized. We took possession of the knowledge of God before we took possession of the life of God, and we have been experiencing the consequences ever since. We could not give back the knowledge. We could not unsee what we had seen. And so humanity emerged into the world as a creature before its time: a creature with godlike knowledge and power, a creature which could control nature and reshape the world—but a creature struggling under the weight of that responsibility, traumatized and weighed down with a sense of shame and brokenness.

So he sends humans out of the garden, and locks that aspect of divinity away. As the story has it, we cannot go back, we can only go forward.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

And so God sets out, not to take us back to Eden, but to help us grow to the point where we can handle the knowledge we have been given. Only then, will we be able to possess both the knowledge and the life. Next: The Dark Side of Knowledge. Bro, his is a stellar take on the narrative in Genesis 3.

The Old Testament and Other Jewish Writings

I agree with the frameowrk you are using about Adam and Eve not being ready. The etymology of evil is conceptually wrapped in notions of deficit, lack, deprivation and privation.

I thiink part of what happened when they ate the tree of knowledge of good and evil is that they became aware of their being incomplete as it relates to the proces they were intended to participate in. One common explanation is explained by Archbishop Denis J. The effect of this would have been to make sinners and thus also sin immortal. Unlike the first days of creation, not all things are good. We quickly learned about evil from that first tree. So what to do? Before you say it, Selmys notes that the tree of life was not the immediate answer.

When God banishes Adam and Eve from the garden and the tree of life, bodily immortality is no longer possible.

Imagine having eternal life, but living it in forever in an imperfect world. Imagine living eternally with evil. The tree of life does hold the answer — just not right away. When God separated us from it, he never meant to forbid it to us forever.

A. A real place, a garden planted by God (v.8a).