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And, when the lamp goes, without sound. At a swifter bound. Than the swiftest hound,. Arrives, and all else is drowned. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep,. And miles to go before I sleep.

Other writers, too, have used the darkness to shape their plots and poems. In literature, the night can be used to reveal or conceal, to protect protagonists from evil or hide bad deeds. Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash. It was from there that, half a century ago, the Apollo 11 spacecraft launched and landed two men on the moon. I have always loved our planet, but the strange wonder of space must have lodged itself into my brain somewhere, because 22 years later I wrote a book about our connection with the night sky and our fascination with what lies beyond our world.

More than anything, watching a space shuttle launch when I was a child helped to trigger a slow realisation of the beautiful fragility of our planet and all the life it holds. Now, at 27, my love for the planet fuels me with more energy than anything else, and I can do nothing but channel it into my writing and art. Byron captured the fear of darkness and magnified it, because when light brings life, warmth and joy, it feels like without it the entire world will fall to nothing.

How relieved our 18th-century friends must have been when the world did not end, the darkness passed, the good weather returned and with it the molten warmth of unimpeded sunlight. Having spent a year out in the darkness to write this book, I still feel the same relief when the sun rises, but everyday I am reminded of how easily we can lose what we love. Want more great Boundless essays in your inbox every Sunday? Sign up to the free, weekly newsletter, here.

Tiffany Francis. We mourn the loss of precious books but would we really want every fabled work to come to light? Which spice cost thousands of lives, and how to eat a persimmon. Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash.

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Lovely, dark and deep By Tiffany Francis. Essay 10 minute read. This is not the case.

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Of the 40 per cent. Holland has also interesting colonies, "free" at Frederiksoord for the deserving unemployed chiefly deficient mentally or physically and "penal" also. Switzerland also has diminished mendicancy of [Pg 63] late to an extraordinary extent by the following measures:—. Forced labour institutions are the means employed. At the farm at Witzwyl with inmates, two officers are in charge of each group of ten or twelve, and work with them.

The men sleep and eat in cells and have a liberal diet, and a fair chance when discharged of commencing life afresh. At St. Johannsen the older and more hardened offenders are confined. In order to facilitate migration there is an Inter-Cantonal Union over fourteen of the twenty-two cantons. The Union issues a "Traveller's Relief Book," by means of which the workman may tramp all over the country and be fed and lodged.

He has not to work his way, but beggars and drunkards and idlers fall into the hands of the police, for if work is refused when provided, the man proved "work-shy" is sent for from three months to two years to the "forced labour" institution. The loafer may be sent either to prison, for from two to six months, or to the forced labour institution, for from six months to two years. Almost every canton has its forced labour institution. In Canton Schwyz persons giving alms are fined up to ten francs!

Through the Darkness: Glimpses into the history of western medicine

A description could also be given of the Austrian Poor Law, which appears to be very similar to the Danish. It will thus be seen that there already exist in several Continental countries methods of dealing with vagrancy far superior to English methods. In fact our present chaos may be considered as the effect of gradually accumulating errors. Ten years before we formed the tramp ward the Germans began the Relief station. We can hardly overestimate the results that would have followed, in toning up our national life, from the substitution of real remedies for futile attempts at repression, adapted to a bygone age, but not to present conditions.

It is time we retraced our steps, as all such evils are cumulative in their effects. It may first be stated that the stringent order of February 25th, , asking guardians to enforce the Casual Poor Act of , not only has not been universally obeyed, but also in some parts of England met with opposition.

The Poor-law Conference of the Western Counties felt that [Pg 65] while a stringent application of the Board's regulations would lessen the number of vagrants applying at casual wards, "what would have happened would be this, that those who would otherwise apply for legal shelter would be driven to join the majority of 'sturdy rogues' who now subsist in comfort by begging, who sleep in outhouses or pay for lodgings, and never enter a casual ward with its restrictions and taskwork.

Glimpses of the darkness at the heart of the universe

That such results as they mention did follow the application of the more stringent order is shown by careful statistics kept by Charles H. Fox, at Wellington, Somerset, on the high road to the west. From August to October, , police orders to the casual wards were , those sleeping in lodging-houses 1, Thus about two to one did not seek the legal shelter, besides those "sleeping out. It is evident that the only result of the change of policy was that mentioned by the Conference.

Opinions such as these were expressed also in a practical form by what is known as "the Gloucestershire system. Quotations from it run as follows:—. The principle proceeded on is to discourage almsgiving by providing for migration, and so respecting the feelings of the public. The system adopted in Dorsetshire of giving bread tickets to the public to give to wayfarers failed because of defects in working.

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The authorities in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire resolved to co-operate, as Gloucestershire is a great thoroughfare. In , , , the annual average of casuals was 60, The result of a memorial to quarter sessions [Pg 67] was the adoption of what was then known as the Berkshire system. It failed in Berkshire owing to want of co-operation.

Experiencing a Glimpse - Notebooks of Paul Brunton

It is as follows: A wayfarer on entering Gloucestershire or Wilts receives, on application to the relieving officer, a ticket, on which is written his general description and the place he is bound for, viz. With this he goes to the vagrant ward, where he is fed night and morning, for which he has to do a certain task. On his discharge the name of the union to which he is to be admitted the following night—the direct route—is written on his ticket, also the name of the intermediate station he passes on his road, where between the hours of one and three he is supplied with his mid-day ration of half a pound of bread by the constable on duty.

Leaflets explaining the system and requesting the public not to give to beggars are periodically left at every house in the county. The cost of the rations is defrayed by voluntary subscriptions. It is claimed that this system during the first quarter reduced vagrancy returns 50 per cent.

Colonel Curtis Hayward does not think that compulsory detention acts as a deterrent. In when trade was brisk, in March quarter, this system reduced the numbers to 4, as against 13, in , and on the whole year from 60, to 22,, whereas other counties tell a different tale, the numbers being stationary or only slightly smaller for Bucks, Oxford, and Warwick. Colonel Curtis Hayward thinks discrimination impossible. Exact statistics for Worcestershire are not obtainable, but in nine unions the figures are:—.

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It has been established thirty-four years and provides food for the wayfarer in exchange for bread tickets. Posters displayed at police stations deter the public from giving doles. A large increase of vagrancy is admitted, but it is claimed that there has been no increase in vagrant crime. The professional beggar is said to avoid the county or to hurry through it.