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How it was supposed to be? The problem? A secret that would probably rock his world, hopefully for the better. But with an age-old threat rising, secrets unfolding, and their future on the line, five will be forced to confront both their own past and that of their kin.

Fired from the Lincoln Hotel, hounded by the tabloids, Jessica Munroe holes up in her flat, haunted by memories. In his private Caribbean island studio, Sean Livingston pours out his heart into the lyrics. Not with what I knew about bad boy rock stars.

Kerri had other plans for me, and when his eyes locked on mine, I knew I was in for a run for my money. And when a family emergency sent me running home, I was forced to make a decision. Left or right. No matter the way, it was about time I embraced my decision and just rode the ride.

Ten years ago, Bethany Walker was the rich girl who had it all. But her world came crashing down when her father was arrested for stealing millions. Convinced he was framed, Bethany sets out to destroy the powerful Sterling family that ruined her father.

You ignore it. Delete it. Move on. Zach definitely had the wrong number. Or is she just a lying attention seeker? The truth is always more complicated than it seems. Will good fortune keep smiling on them or will their luck run out, destroying their dreams?

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Valente and S. King: Thanks to a nasty curse, P.

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Aster Night is doomed to a life of celibacy. That is, until she finds a way out of the curse on her own. Times three.

But Gage is handsome and sweet. A steamy dark fantasy adventure featuring hot Alpha werewolves, heart-stopping adventure, and twists that will leave you glued to your Kindle. A paranormal romance filled with suspense. Not love, not desire. Not heroes or monsters.


A side of psychic powers and sexy romance with that? Then look no further. Legion has it all! Darkly beautiful. With the voice of an angel, Mia Cooper catches the attention of the wrong man. Kidnapped and trained, she must learn to survive in this broken and messed up world.

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Part one of this stunning trilogy is available for free for the first time! What will happen when his unconventional ploy brings their fantasies together?

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The last thing she needs is a distracting housemate and his son… Can Shelby find the strength to let her ambitions flourish, along with her new passion? I never expected my quiet, sheltered life in the wilderness to come crashing down around me.

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But my dad has been keeping secrets. And after a decade of hiding, the past has finally caught up with us. The past, plus six hot guys with secrets of their own. The first lesson has barely begun when Harper and I are assigned partners. In the New Hampshire mountains over Thanksgiving, they find in one another a love that neither of them expected. Kindle Roxy by Pepper North: Could the bedraggled young lady living in the alley next to his hotel be his perfect match? When her life crashes around her, Roxy Stevens finds herself homeless and alone. Miguel Herrera, a wealthy hotel owner, follows his instincts to care for the homeless woman who sets off all his protective instincts.

He will fight to make her his. Kindle Miss Management Anderson Family Series Book 2 by Traci Highland: Between stuffed moose, sloppy dogs, and sexy men, Vermont proves to be a lot more interesting than shamed speech therapist Mags expects. Anything more? Definitely not.

Forced to move forward with her life, she began college and made new friends. Will the lessons she learned through her first year of college give her the strength to live again? Gillian Michel, a NYC photographer, conceals her secret hybrid past and mystical abilities. Deep in the heart of New Orleans, they fight a malevolent force, luring their enemy into the bayou. But nothing is ever simple in Wonderland, and trying to figure out who done it might just be impossible….

Can she navigate her new life with this pack of werewolves, the man who saved her life, and his big family? Or will this workaholic only child lock herself and her heart away from all these new changes? She faces a hard choice: give up her dreams of the stranger, or leave her clan at the mercy of their enemies. As the youngest of five and the only boy, it sometimes feels as though my world is nothing but catfights and lace frills.

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When Lianne visits the spectacular Cornwall coast of England she has no intention of falling for a local man… and his dog. When James disappears unexpectedly, she returns home and puts all of her energies into revitalizing her home town. But memories of those golden days linger, igniting her desire to love again. Or is she falling for a man capable of mass murder? Do you appreciate intelligence work? Do you enjoy human interaction both mentally and physically?

Then this is the book for you. Dredge just wants the Earth woman to breed with him. When Samantha finds herself falling for the alien ruler, she is faced with a choice: give her body and heart to Dredge, or save the other women enslaved on the space station. With such warring desires, will Samantha be able to follow her heart? When gunshots sound, Ann is left with little choice but to allow two young men to help her escape. Soon she finds herself in their mountain compound, where the higher evolved humans claim to be mind-readers. Is Ann a guest or a prisoner? Half Machine.

All Hers. The warrior has seen the darkness in others and in himself. Until he meets Joan. Maybe… with the help of the right man. Billionaire Daniel Goodwin is seated next to Lily and is highly annoyed when she spills her drink on his keyboard. Will they find love in the air or are they destined to go their separate ways at baggage claim? Enemies-to-lovers never charted so high. A diamond heist.

A murderer on the loose. Is he protecting her or is he the one out to kill her?