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Question: In one video, you said at the end: Adonai, well i researched and found some translations for this word. The jews don t call there god by it s name Jehova and say Adonai oder Adonim. But you told us you have nothing to do with our stupid earth religions.


So what did you mean with Adonai? Highest manifestation of Light consciousness? Thank you a lot for everything. Answer: Adonai is just a greeting outside of the earth. Earth humans change many words according to their superstition. He touches my the hart chakra, then he lets electric discharge, and i lose consciousness.

Too negative for the galactic federation of light? Can you give me some information? Answer: Of course there are black skinned extraterrestrials. That is why you have so many skin colors on earth. And something else: I saw your video on your channel …. You should be careful how you talk. This is not how a spiritual person talks. Question: What is Pleiadian sense of humor like, does humor even exist on higher planes? Answer: Spiritual extraterrestrials have of course humor.

If not them, who else? But when we see how much negativity there is on Earth, we can NOT laugh about it. It is making us sad. Question: Are we people with different skins white, yellow and dark from different planets? Question: Alaje, is there a name for that sacred geometric symbol that appears in the beginning of your videos?

Am i correct to assume that it is spiral based? Question: I have a question: could you please tell me the name of the movie which appears at the 5.

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It seems to be very positive. Light and love to the all planet. Question: If someone feels that he she is from the Pleiades, how can one know that it is true and not the voice of his her ego who wants to feel different from the others? Is there any way to check if it is true? Answer: You will know for sure, when you have real contact with pleiadians. Awake or in a dream.

Question: Could you please tell me where i can find the music you used on video 6? I feel so good when I hear it. Thank you so much for your teaching, i stopped smoking recently, i change most of my negative thoughts to positive thoughts and i try to meditate but i think i need more practice. It is very good that you stopped smoking.

Now you have to detoxify your body from the poison that is left in your body with herbs. And then you will be able to feel and receive the light, clear and powerful. Question: I saw an interview on bewusst. They told her that they are lightful reptilians and received the permission to live under the earth because they want to work together with humans.

I just wanted to ask you, is there any truth in this material, because i remember that you mentioned Bob Renaud some time ago in your answers. But the new informations you can find in the Internet about Bob Renaud, seem to be manipulated and not clean.

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Or would some of you show up and help us if we ask you? I did not say they will. Answer: Yes, i have plans and group meditations, but i will not announce it in the internet. There are still too many evil people. Question: I was doing some study and research for the greater good.

Can you please point me towards legitimate information on fine matter energy?

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When i make a Google search of this, i am not finding much. Where do i go from here? Answer: The truth is the other way around. Millions of years ago, they had terrible wars, and the radioactivity of those wars caused those who could not escape from the planet, to mutate in what you call dinosaurs. In or so, a friend of mine gave me Bashar books 3 volumes of transcription of channeling , and i really loved them at that time.

I trust you rather than those channeled entities. Answer: Yes, a lot of information is correct, but the extremely arrogant way to tell people information, is NOT the way of us, from the Light. Some intelligent extraterrestrials are mixing good information with wrong information to confuse you.

I am talking about this in video 6. Some extraterrestrials know a lot, but they have still arrogant and egoistic characters. Question: In the beginning of the new video 12 seen lightships and space station over the Earth.

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This space station in the form of crop circles, which has been made several weeks ago, i think in Germany. This coincidence or this station there, really? Answer: This space station is there, really. The image is an illustration of me. Your people seem to have evolved technologically with love and spirituality, where the indigenous have no technology, but know how to travel with spirit. You can travel with the spirit and the flesh, while they can only travel with the spirit?

I want to understand the difference, thank you. Answer: Shamans have only contacts with the low astral level, were a lot of negative beings can trick you. Especially when you smoke like shamans, you can be possessed by low astral entities without knowing it.

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Concentrate on your TRUE spirituality. Concentrate on your soul and higher self, and the cosmic central consciousness. Answer: Nobody knows everything in all universes, because the existence is constantly developing and expanding. All the knowledge is distributed in the consciousness of existence, and no single person is in a position to know everything.

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But we can connect with the consciousness of the existence and determine a response to getting issues. Answer: Yes giants existed in those days. Some were the extraterrestrials and some were children of them. Statement: Greetings Alaje, i wish to tell you about some incident, which happens on the way home. Our plane had not been canceled at that time as others, but there happened something amazing.

We missed our flight; workers of the airport told us that the plant prepares to go. They began to talk on the radio with the crew of the aircraft, and after a few minutes, the aircraft was returned and brought to the sleeve, have opened the hatch only for the two of us. They said us that we are lucky, it happens once in million, the plane never returns. Two stewardesses and the chief steward welcomed us on-board.

And despite the fact that we delayed the flight home, we arrived 15 minutes earlier. Answer: What a wonderful experience.

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You see that now, when you have a good karma, because you have participated with me on the mountain for the purification of Earth, the existence is helping you. Most Earth humans are complaining about the difficult life on Earth. With my light-work, meetings, meditations, i am trying to make this planet a better place to live.

But still there are many evil people who are attacking me for my efforts.