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Paul and I have gone through several named storms throughout our 30 years of cruising so, using video footage from our own experiences as well as others, we cover how and when hurricanes are formed, how to track them and strategies for weathering named storms on your boat in a marina, tied to a mangrove or hauled out in a boat yard.

We also discuss insurance coverage for hurricane season. Shallow Water Piloting in the Bahamas This time on Distant Shores sail from the Turks and Caicos to the farthest out-islands in the Bahamas and explore with our shallow draft Southerly Rocks Everywhere!! Sailing Sweden We spend a delightful summer cruising the archipelagos in Sweden and take you along to explore this beautiful but navigationally challenging cruising destination.

We get invited to a pirate birthday party, change the zinc on our Varifold propeller and meet up with YouTubers aboard SV Delos. You also get access to all episodes in HD for viewing online or to Download and can help you achieve your cruising dreams. Add to Cart. Where are we now?

The Distant Shores of Mars

We switched our Iridium GO system over to Predictwind and its back up and running…. Sail Away Weeks Dreaming of sailing away but still have a lot of questions? Need to convince your partner that traveling on a sailboat could be wonderful? Or maybe you just long to be out sailing in sunshine on sparkling seas but commitments are holding you back. We have a solution….

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Cruising Outpost Cover Boy Paul made it to the top as a rare male cover boy on Cruising Outpost magazine… We have always enjoyed Cruising Outpost - brought to you by the same reprobates who produced Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine. Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.

Sail Magazine. We love your channel and your show. You two are the "originals". We were hooked What is really fun is that through the show, we developed a real interest in learning to sail and last summer took our first sailing lessons and got our first ASA certification… soon we'll be able to rent bare boats and sail in the Caribbean. We joined our local sailing club… All this is because Paul and Sheryl make sailing so approachable and appealing.

Rocks Everywhere!! Sailing in Sweden - Favourite Destinations Part 4

In story form, it explores a fundamental philosophical theme: human transcendence. The narrative follows the life-journeys of three Filipino boyhood friends who had different ambitions in, and dreams about, life. A parallel story of another young man from Spain, who is coming to grips with his father's philosophical views on life, links up with one of these Filipinos during a trip to Ireland. In different, and at times unexpected, ways they illustrate the restlessness of human nature itself.

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They have co-authored a number of scholarly books, journal articles and conference papers. Health Sciences. Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. Social Sciences.

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