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Experts from the University of Lincoln, UK, say that those who experience 'lucid dreaming' -- a phenomenon where someone who is asleep can recognise that they are dreaming -- can solve problems in the waking world better than those who remain unaware of the dream until they wake up. The concept of lucid dreaming was explored in the film Inception, where the dreamers were able to spot incongruities within their dream. It is thought some people are able to do this because of a higher level of insight, meaning their brains detect they are in a dream because events would not make sense otherwise.

Awaken Your Dreams

This cognitive ability translates to the waking world when it comes to finding the solution to a problem by spotting hidden connections or inconsistencies, researchers say. The research by Dr Patrick Bourke, Senior Lecturer at the Lincoln School of Psychology, is the first empirical study demonstrating the relationship between lucid dreaming and insight.

He said: "It is believed that for dreamers to become lucid while asleep, they must see past the overwhelming reality of their dream state, and recognise that they are dreaming. The study examined 68 participants aged between 18 and 25 who had experienced different levels of lucid dreaming, from never to several times a month. They were asked to solve 30 problems designed to test insight.

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Each problem consisted of three words and a solution word. Each of the three words could be combined with the solution word to create a new compound word.

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Keep at it. You are programming your subconscious to remember. Soon it will become second nature to you. How do you interpret dreams?

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One key is to notice the most highly charged emotion in the dream — for instance, anger, fear or joy. In addition, here are some common dreams and their interpretations. When this happens, you must find your inner resolve and stay focused on what it is you want.

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