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And you smile like the Pacific Ocean. I wanna drink the sunlight in your skin. Or whenever I see your name on the caller ID, my heart… It plays hopscotch inside of my chest. It climbs onto my ribs like monkey bars, and I feel like a child all over again. And I know that this is gonna sound weird, but sometimes, I pray that God somehow turns you back into one of my ribs just so that I would never have to spend an entire day without you.

I want to do everything that he never had the courage to do, like… Trust you. I swear that when our lips touched, I could taste the next sixty years of my life. See, last night, I had a dream.

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And in this particular dream, I died in my dreams, woke not knowing I was still sleeping, decided to walk. You see that night, I walked in my sleep, I slept in my walk, I walked backwards until I saw you for the first time, and I could barely muster the courage to introduce myself all over again.

Rudy Francisco - "Love Poem Medley"

Loving you led to my death, they claimed that I seduced you, and after they stole my life, I was resurrected as a mason. I made the foundation for your house. I came back as a caterpillar. I turned into a butterfly, I landed in the palm of your hands, you brushed me away, and the rejection killed me.

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When I awoke, I was a kick drum, you were a snare, we were both owned by this drummer named Cozy Cole, and when he died, so did we. But I came back just to look for you. I left notes in random places, hoping that you would stumble across them. I carved our names in trees, and then prayed that it would jog your memory.

Poems About Princess. The Ugly Princess , Charles Kingsley Princess Haiku , Tailor Bell A Princess In The South Maia , Meggie Gultiano Disney Princess , Rachel Weaver In the confusion, Ida falls into the river, and the prince saves her from drowning. The men flee and Psyche flees with Cyril, leaving her child behind in the castle , but the prince and Florian are recaptured. Letters arrives from the prince's father the king and Ida's father Gama. Gama tells how he started to come to Ida to plead for the prince but was taken hostage by the king.

The king tells Ida not to harm the prince and to free him, or the king's army will storm the castle.

The prince declares his love for Ida, saying, "except you slay me here according to your bitter statute-book, I cannot cease to follow you Word comes that the king has arrived to storm the castle. Ida gives a stirring speech, saying that she will lead the maidens into battle. Though Ida appears to be forming an interest in the prince, she renounces her marriage contract. The prince and Florian are freed and pushed out of the castle. Psyche is distraught at having betrayed Ida and her cause, and having lost her child. The king wants to make war, but the prince wants to win Ida's love.

He says, "wild natures need wise curbs Gama and the prince have developed a warm relationship, and Gama supports the prince's cause, but Ida's brothers support their sister at all costs. The prince and his friends offer to fight Ida's brother and to let the battle decide whether Ida must keep her contract.

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Ida's brother Arac sends word of this proposal to Ida, who rants against the harm done to women, but confident of her brothers' victory, she agrees to abide by the contest. Meanwhile, Ida has been growing to love Psyche's child. In the battle, Ida's brothers defeat and wound the prince and his friends. The prince acknowledges defeat and pleads with Ida to let Psyche reclaim her child, but he falls into a coma. Ida rants against Psyche's betrayal. The king says that he cannot let such a hard woman tend his son. Ida relents and asks the king to let her tend the prince's injuries, and to let the ladies tend to Cyril and Florian.

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This shows her willingness to bend her own laws. By ministering to the men, the ladies of the university become more fair, and Ida finds peace.

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Love blossoms between the nurses and the nursed. Ida eventually comes to love the prince. As he regains consciousness at times, they discuss their ideas of love, and she discovers that they agree on the equality of love; not, as she had always feared, women's servitude in love — he has been well-schooled in this by his mother. The prince envisages a future where "The man may be more of woman, she of man". He says "my hopes and thine are one" and asks her to place her trust in him.