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Her best friend is a battle-dragon with the comically cautionary name of Two Gulps and You're Gone, who she can command through thought alone. Hare offers a headstrong heroine in Quenelda that chooses dragons over dresses, battles over boys and ultimately dreams of joining her father's side as a warrior in the Stealth Dragon Services. Don't be fooled though Yes, the tale flies in the face of books such as Harry Potter and Artimis Fowl that have strong male protagonists, but The Dragon Whisperer contains enough dark magic, fierce battle dragons, and slimy hobgoblins to appeal to young boys.

Regardless of gender, readers will root for the underdog a young gnome named Root and wish they had their very own dragon. On the surface, Hare describes the relationship been Quenelda and Two Gulps like that between horse and rider, but the dragons are given such a depth of history and behaviours, that after the book is shut, the reader half expects to see these beasts lurking in local paddocks.

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The one letdown of Hare's work, is that, in marketing it towards children, adults might see it as 'just another children's book' and pass it over. A battle-dragon of a book!

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 19mm Other books in this series. Dragon Lords Rising Lucinda Hare. Stiles scrunches his face, annoyed. Why Derek?! Derek snorts like Stiles told a joke.

I believe I heard there was a reward? Derek frowns in thought for a bit, rubs his chin.

Dragon Whisperer

Depends on what it is. May I ask… what is the reward? Stiles crosses his arms and pouts and secretly hates Scott for convincing him to go along with this stupid reward idea in the first place. Derek smirks. Most of it details what Stiles had said was the reward, even offering suggestions of what sections of land of the kingdom Derek preferred over others. He even indicated that he would decline the reward money and instead give it to those that had suffered because of the dragon.

It was touching and kind, and Stiles was inclined to sign it, except for the last detail. Confused, Stiles looks down and continues reading, and when he understands what Derek was getting at, his head snaps up, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. Stiles grins.

An online errata was released clarifying which is correct. That said, whereas it lacks in the finer details of the rule book, Dragon Whisperer equally excels aesthetically.

The Dragon Whisperer

It is a visually gorgeous game. The artwork on the board, tokens, and cards feels straight out of a golden age of fantasy illustration. Every suit has its own designs, with very little repetition in artwork across the entire game.

The board is beautifully illustrated as well, providing each Haven its own unique color scheme and setting. The depictions of these Havens vary from snowscapes, to wooded forests, to the ocean, and each one is filled with a menagerie of beasts, plants, and native dragons. The quality of the game pieces do not disappoint either, with the components made from sturdy cardboard and the cards coming with their own card box. There was apparent forethought to this, since a game like Dragon Whisperer is small and easily portable.

It certainly helps when such a game is designed to be quite durable and can stand up to repeated playthroughs. There is always a best possible move in Dragon Whisperer, and Tacticians will enjoy finding it. Still, even the couple side means of generating VP does very little to sway the central tenant of winning the trick. Nevertheless, those extra VP can help push you from second place to first, and Tacticians will appreciate that. Socializers will also enjoy the speed and brevity of Dragon Whisperer. However, both of these Archetypes may find Dragon Whisperer grow a little stale after several playthroughs due to the repetitive nature inherent with trick-taking games.

Several other groups are best to pass on Dragon Whisperer entirely. The most appealing aspect to them would be the ability to change the Trump mid-trick by playing a 3 and chance turning a losing play into a winning one through a lucky draw. There may be enough for some Daredevils, but not for the group as a whole.

However, Dragon Rages do not propel a player directly towards victory.

Indeed, it is occasionally possible for a single player to dominate a round of tricks with a good hand, take several high-valued Quest tokens, and establish a lead which will control the rest of the game. Unless they are the one doing this, though, they may feel that there is too much randomness in the areas they care about. Dragon Whisperer is an excellent trick-taking game that appeals to a wide range of audiences and makes for a great travel game. The artwork alone makes it worth consideration amongst the variety of trick-taking games on the market.

It is still a trick-taking game after all. The differing economies of victory points does add depth to the trick-taking aspect, but Dragon Whisperer will not fill your itch if you are looking for a more complex games. Dragon Whisperer is a product of Albino Dragon Games.